NaturalEyes™ for Unity

Drag-n-drop simplicity to give life-like behavior to eyes. Don’t really care for that zombie-like stare? Don’t care to do the animation, or you can see how predictable and robotic that can look? Drop this onto a set of eyes and/or eyelids, and the eyes will move according to natural parameters (which you can adjust of course!) Eyes can optionally track any number of targets, moving or otherwise, and automatically switch between them. Later versions will allow for weighting the ‘attention span’ depending on what those targets are doing.

Get it from the Asset Store Here or here:

NOTE: If your eyes are already animated, you’ll need to disable that so that this script can take over. To do that:

    For Mechanim:

Inspector, the Import settings for the model, Animations tab, Transform Mask (at the bottom), open that to find the joints (transforms) that will be under control of NaturalEyes, and uncheck them, so they are not under control of the Animation.

    For Legacy animation:

If your eyes/lids are under control of the animation, drop this script on each transform that needs to be non-animated (that you will override with NaturalEyes).

This horribly simplistic demo shows eyes tracking 3 targets, which you can turn on/off. If you turn them all off, he looks straight ahead. Well, as straight as is natural! You can adjust his ‘attention’ too. This makes him more or less ‘shifty’. The API lets you customize all this to give each character a unique eye behavior if you like.

3 thoughts on “NaturalEyes™ for Unity

  1. Hi this goes along with your lipsynching project, please e-mail me any further info concerning the status of this app for Unity, any pricing information, and if you have determined any pricing for educational use, for as I stated on the lipsynch page, i will be using animated Pedagogical Agents in a training simulation, and any simple solution to making characters more life-like would be much appreciated.

    thank you.

  2. I posted on the Unity forum, but I also wanted to ask here in case you don’t check the forums often.

    Will this asset work with pupils that move via texture offset rather than spherical eyeballs. I have a lookAt target set up for my texture offsets so the pupils will follow the target. Is this something I can use with your system? Is the asset a dll or do you provide source code?

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