Currently working on virtual reality and augmented reality apps, using Unity and WebGL, building to PC/Mac/Web/Android/iOS. Oculus, Hydra/STEM, zSpace, Kinect, etc. Applications include robotic telepresence, games, 3D design/printing, and immersive scene visualization.

Planying Mondo (with Euman) – Unity front-end on build-your-own-game platform.

Dickens Fair Recreation (available in Oculus Rift on request)

Building Real Homes with Virtual Reality (with IDEAbuilder)

SimAisle (with Arrival3D)

Augmented Reality Auras (with Aura Imaging)

HTML5/Contact/Unity front ends to 3d object backend (stealth, sorry)

Tcho Virtual Factory (with FXPal) Uses Unity, Video Streaming servers, factory automation telemetry and databases, builds to PC/Mac/Web/Android/iOS/Blackberry.

MORE INFO at my other site Realm Of Concepts

Dave Arendash’s Blog

Under development:

BIMServer enhancements

Virtual Reality Tourism

Sports Trainer

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