Popup Book Maker

Work in progress

Just drop this on the top-level object of a hierarchy, and it becomes a popup-book! The UI is up to you, this video shows a simple slider one. Objects can rotate from left/right, back/forth, etc. (any of 3 axes), and you can have as many different parts which can move independently or together to make very complex fold-outs.

(Medieval Village not included)

2 thoughts on “Popup Book Maker

  1. Dear Sir,
    We are the team of good illustrators from Croatia/Europe and have a plan to develop a few interactive children books with unity3d. We would like to know more about your Popup book maker plugin!

    Kind regards, Ivan

  2. Ivan, I have updated this page with a video which shows a very simple scene with a very simple UI in action. Is this the type of thing you are looking for?

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