Audio Brush™

Audio Brush™ for Unity, coming ‘real soon now’. What? How? It’s a Visual Audio Zone¬†implementation.

Update! The legal hurdles are crossed, now it’s just a matter of making an instructional video and getting approval from the Unity Asset store! Stay tuned!

Before Audio Brush™Those walls look sound-proof, but the are not! What’s an ogre to do to get some quiet around here?!

Before Audio Brush™

After Audio Brush™Just paint that sound out. Ahhh!

After Audio Brush™

6 thoughts on “Audio Brush™

  1. Is this out yet? ETA? This could be very useful in an upcoming game i’m developing. Any idea on the performance on mobile devices? Will it support mobile devices?

  2. Looks like this Asset is a bit behind its release? I was looking for something that could fill my coastline with sound of waves, but it seems I will have to add several audio sources instead… or script it into the player and adjust volume of it by C#…

    • You are correct, it has been SO delayed, but I promise, I’ll have something up this week! Perhaps I can interest you in a free preview?

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